Came to art at a late stage following a career in publishing and film. The most liberating thing for me was realising that I didn’t need to develop the skills of the great masters to credibly express myself. Art, for me, is a journey rather than a series of outcomes, and I’ve never been frightened to experiment. Some of my most insightful experiences have come through “messing up”.

My practice embraces a broad range of media, including sculpture, installation, drawing, photography, moving image and coding. In 2021/22, I took the Advanced Printmaking course at City Lit and joined East London Printmakers. One of my ambitions is to create print-based works that will reach audiences outside the traditional gallery structure.

I’ve worked with an artists’ collective, staging self-curated shows in buildings about to be redeveloped or undergoing transition. Having the opportunities to work on-site has enabled me to create large-scale works, which I really enjoy. The physical elements of the making process are essential to me. Being in a relationship with tools and materials is a much richer experience than trying to take control.

Recurring themes in my work are re-presenting the past in new contexts, the non-anthropocentric world, and the “other”. Influenced by the philosophy of Deleuze and mindfulness practice, I am increasingly seeing how everything is interconnected and constantly changing. I am excited to discover how this will manifest through my work.